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About Me

Fiona Adair | Silver Artisan
Gold Jewelry
Hello! I'm Fiona, a silversmith from Newtownabbey - just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Most of my jewellery designs are inspired by Northern Ireland's beautiful landscapes, coastlines, wildlife and heritage.  I carefully handcraft each piece, using sterling and fine silver and traditional techniques, in my garden workshop and am always delighted to work with clients to design unique, bespoke pieces for their special requirements.                From March to December each year you can find me at craft fairs and exhibitions all over Northern Ireland and of course I'm on Facebook (bluebellhandmadejewellery) and Instagram (bluebellsilverni).  

Fiona Adair | Silversmith
‘When you buy from a small business, you are not only supporting that business but you are acquiring something original and thoughtfully created!
Fiona Adair 
(Owner & Founder of Bluebell Handmade Jewellery)
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